It really hurts that this has happened, through the sheer bad luck of being an author caught in the middle of a larger power struggle. My publisher will move on from this. So will B&N. But my book may have slipped through the cracks by then.

And the reason I am talking about this in public…

…is that when I walk into a bookstore, as a reader, I rarely notice the books that aren’t stocked there. Maybe, if I’m looking for one book in particular, I’ll be disappointed if I don’t see it, but I won’t really think anything of that. I’ll just think, oh, well, this particular store didn’t stock it.


Caught in the Middle - Hard Publishing News - Stephanie Burgis

Burgis gives center stage to the authors being affected by the Barnes & Noble/Simon & Schuster dispute.

As my friend Kelly said: “…in April, buy a S&S title from a new/unknown author, then buy another book from any pub by a new/less known author.”

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